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For all those in future who visit this userpage, the account I use now is this one:

Head over there and check it out :)

Thanks you


NG Events

2011-05-01 01:26:46 by SteakandKidneyPie

Hello again Newgrounds, I just thought I should make a post.

What Pico Day animations were the highlights for you?

Warriors of the Portal and Portal Hoppin' I favoured most.

Anyway, the two collabs I am running are still free of spots so if you would like to join them, just visit the collaboration forums.
Also, if assignments don't get in the way, I should have a solo-animated project up and running sometime during the year.

Thank you

~Daniel Green

P.S. If there are many mistakes in this post or failed sentence structures, it is because I am really tired, haha.


2011-04-05 07:14:23 by SteakandKidneyPie

So you know, I am currently in the process of two collabs, not that anyone cares.

In the next 60 Frame Collab, number 4, many special features will be shown.

Prizes, 2nd stream of animations (low-medium quality), games, medals, and art reals of 60 frame collab themes.

I am doing this to make the next sequel a great one.


2011-03-04 23:51:47 by SteakandKidneyPie

I wish I had more than four assignments to hand in next week, they just make my life better.

Who else here loves assignments?

Image found here:
TTULHnASUgI/AAAAAAAAAGc/gNST3aBSneo/s1 600/law-assignments.png



2010-12-17 23:49:25 by SteakandKidneyPie

I am now motivated to finish off an animation I started a few days ago. Only one scene has been created but many more are in still in the process.

Fifty-50 is a major part in this role, he is the artist. In this new animation, he will be designing the backgrounds, thanks mate.

To give you a hint, this is an animation.

Anyway, I will try to complete one scene for y'all to see.

~ Daniel Green


2010-11-08 03:35:19 by SteakandKidneyPie

So what have you been up to ha?

Another Post

2010-11-07 00:24:11 by SteakandKidneyPie

Anyway, my day has been a misery due to the heat here in Australia, so anyway, is the weather also a pain in the arse in your area?

Also I have a few more collab projects to finish, so yeh. Hope I can finish them.

Yo peoples

2010-11-01 05:42:05 by SteakandKidneyPie

Just so you know Treefrogproductions
(formally known as ToxicSnafu) created the user Icon for me.

And on other news, my animation is turning out better than ever. It will be rated higher than family guy and as high as you are after 5 doses of crack.

Also, I am trying to create an advertisement for Newgrounds and all with the help of some other people that will be shown on Television when all money is raised. For more information on that, click here. 08540

I also have some other projects underway.

A while back I had created a "Limerick thread" which soon will be sent in and to see if it will be published. For more on that click here. 85186/1

Anyway again, I still have some extra projects underway like 60 Frame Collab 4 and some other crap. (Not literally).

By the way, your hair really shines against that gleem of light

Okay People

2010-10-30 20:29:02 by SteakandKidneyPie

I am now in the process of making my own solo flash. I have already created 3 scenes out of 20. I will not tell you what it is about, it will be a surprise.

When it is finished, I will ask ForNoReason to do the voice acting.

This will be my first solo project, not counting that dreadful strip quiz I can not delete.

Yeh so how has life been for y'all?


2010-10-20 07:01:07 by SteakandKidneyPie

Edit: This is so immature, can not wait until I can get my own sig.
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Sorry, this prize does not exist.

Please post if you were caught.