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Nice work

This demo reel turned out real well. I would love to see a better one from you next year. Hopefully you create a lot of quality projects.

I especially love your credits ;)


If you were to redo this demo reel, I would suggest you take out that motorbike one, it kind of reduced the quality. Other than that, it was quite good.

Keep it up mate. Best of luck.

DCzerkies42 responds:

Thank you :D yea idk if ima redo it :/


Every reference that is made in here from Family Guy episodes I remember. You really got to know the episodes before watching this.


This could have been better, instead of the writing, there could have been random mouth movement and a voice over. Pixels made it less entertaining, but it was still good.

Keep it up mate. Pm me if you create another.


That is all I have to say. I would really love to see a sequel.


The animation was so similar between you two, I would have hardly noticed, so well done. All of you did a great job.

Zombie-Pimp responds:

thanks man

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Fun game

This turned out really well mate, but you should mention in the authors comments who drew what, because I saw LazyAss23's Abot and my Catface. Not co-author but just to say it is not allyour art.
Anyway mate, really fun game, I am trying to get those medals, haha.
Hope there is a sequel.

Really Good

I loved this game, I think I played for 2 hours. I would love to see more.


These are quite fun, though if you would like people to rate them higher, add in some medals to make people feel as if they achieved something.

Nice game

Keep it up in future submissions

~Daniel Green

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Wow, amazing song

Hope you keep it up, the beats and everything combines perfectly.


~Daniel Green


You really are talented. The music and animations you create are top of the range. I think this is the second song I have used in an Animation. It will be used in the 60 frame collab by the way.

Anyway the tune was awesome. Great Work Red

Really Good

I do not know how this wasn't front paged

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Your sister would most definetly love me then.

-------- --------
Nice work Rice, the anatomy seems correct, for a beast.

Keep it up mate, I would love to see more :)


Since when has a double dick made it in the history books, haha. Nice style. I seem to be commenting on a lot of dicks today.

10/10 because of the idea not even I could think of.

tehslaphappy responds:

i hope you find yourself one day


This piece of art is really good. Hope you keep creating more.


~Daniel Green

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